Wanrise & VeloCloud

WANRISE was established in 2016 around the VeloCloud, now part of VMware, SD-WAN solution, impressed by the level of innovation and the vision of their founders.


WANRISE introduce you in the SD-WAN era in a simple, secure, professional and effective way. WANRISE skills and experience offer you a whole eco-system to transform and simplify your enterprise branch network.


VeloCloud is a pure player, meaning that their SD-WAN solution was designed from scratch without adapting existing routing solutions. This is the reason behind its leading edge: top performances are the consequence of a specific design. It is able to aggregate, combine and switch the traffic on the different transport layers based on the real time bandwidth, jitter, packet loss and latency.

SD-WAN approach

Every company must consider SD-WAN in their approach whether they are thinking about it, are in the process of migration or have already migrated to the cloud. New needs require new concepts and practices.

Independent Transport

With SD-WAN the transport layer can be etherogeneus: MPLS, Broadband Internet, LTE, 4G, 5G can all be used in at the same time todifferentiate the IP media transport.

Dynamic Path Selection Use

The algorithms uses packet wteering technology to route each packet in the most appropriate ways. Tunnels are monitored in real time and the system routes the traffic based on business policies.

secure overlay Build

SD-WAN technology utilizes an IP SEC overlay to automatically create tunnels connecting hubs and cloud gateways.

Centralized and simple Interface

An orchestrator sitting in the cloud or in customer premises manages the entire network. It can be easily managed by a single entity able to configure new sites and change business policies.

Network Operations Simplified

With SD-WAN “zero-touch” provisioning and centralized orchestrator management, network operations become light and simple. Incident support and change management are easily managed by a centralized Compentence Center.

Direct Cloud Access

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud was born as a cloud service. “Cloud delivered SD-WAN network” is one of the main claims. Cloud Gateways spread all over the world, are used to connect in a secure and direct way branches with cloud apps. Simplicity and performances are the direct consequences of such an architecture.

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