Is a transformation approach which simplifies branch-office networking and assures optimal application performances.


The IT ecosystem has quickly evolved moving from legacy Hub-and-Spoke Architecture to cloud-based services, which require new ways to design efficient networks by emphasizing new paradigms:

Cost savings

SASE approach

Every company must consider SD-WAN/SASE in their approach whether they are thinking about it, are in the process of migration or have already migrated to the cloud. New needs require new concepts and practices.

Independent Transport

With SD-WAN/SASE the transport layer can be etherogeneus: MPLS, Broadband Internet, LTE, 4G, 5G can all be used in at the same time todifferentiate the IP media transport.

Dynamic Path Selection Use

The algorithms uses packet wteering technology to route each packet in the most appropriate ways. Tunnels are monitored in real time and the system routes the traffic based on business policies.

secure overlay Build

SD-WAN/SASE technology utilizes an IP SEC overlay to automatically create tunnels connecting hubs and cloud gateways.

Centralized and simple Interface

An orchestrator sitting in the cloud or in customer premises manages the entire network. It can be easily managed by a single entity able to configure new sites and change business policies.

Network Operations Simplified

With SD-WAN/SASE “zero-touch” provisioning and centralized orchestrator management, network operations become light and simple. Incident support and change management are easily managed by a centralized Compentence Center.

Direct Cloud Access

VMware SD-WAN/SASE by VeloCloud was born as a cloud service. “Cloud delivered SD-WAN/SASE network” is one of the main claims. Cloud Gateways spread all over the world, are used to connect in a secure and direct way branches with cloud apps. Simplicity and performances are the direct consequences of such an architecture.


Expensive, complex and inefficient

Traditional networks are based on expensive private lines that takes long time to be provisioned and are complex to be configured and set up. Often the operators takes months to provision a low bandwidth MPLS line and only experts network can set it up in the enterprise ecosystem with long CLI based Instructions.

To obtain minimum flexibility a single transport layer is used but the dependence from the provider is very high.


Expensive, complex and inefficient


NSX SD-WAN By VeloCloud


The cloud is the network



The cloud is the network

SD-WAN uses several transport layers including Lan and Mobile Internet that are cheaper than MPLS lines. They are also very quick and easy to set up. The “zero touch provisioning” is based on highly automated process.  It takes only 2 minutes to configure and deploy the network without any need or presence of engineer skill to make it work.


VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud is a cloud based architecture that concentrate on simplicity and performances. Its own overlay routing algorithm takes real time decisions, packet by packet,  that take few hundreds milliseconds to be executed. Real time traffic sessions are not dropping even in case of major line issues and bandwidth burst are served aggregating multiple links with the result of a top class user experience. Branches can connect directly to cloud applications using SD-WAN overlay benefits and optimizations strategy for directing branch-to-cloud high performances user experience.


sd-wan overlay