Managed Services

Wanrise offers a full managed and outsources proactive network management service. Wanrise discovers and determines any malfunction without customer engagement or intervention and tickets are often closed before anyone notices it. Reports are always produced to provide visibility on the action occurred.


WANRISE can offer the SD-WAN service in full OPEX model.

All infrastructure is hosted and run by VMware and WANRISE, no infrastructure is needed for gateways and orchestrators.

Customers can start up the service immediately.

velocloud sd wan service
sd wan network support


Once the SD-WAN network is deployed our NOC follows the operations in two ways:

  1. Reactive: upon support ticket request from customers, according to an agreed SLA
  2. Pro-active: immediate and direct problem solving based on a constant NOC monitoring. Weekly reports are produced for a complete visibility.


WANRISE offers connectivity services worldwide for:

  1. Internet access
  2. Layer 2 line
  3. Transcontinental connection (layer 2 or MPLS)

WANRISE can be the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) for the entire network service on top of the SD-WAN overlay.

WANRISE has investigated in detail and solved the connection to mainland China.

sd wan connectivity
cloud services


WANRISE has 3 data-centre facilities in Italy where SaaS and IaaS services are offered and uses top performance SD-WAN network to guarantee a cost effective access from anywhere in the world.