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Alongside, the interview between Mike Howell from Rentokil Initial and Nicola Luise, Wanrise cofounder and CEO.

The meeting is about SD-WAN, the technology Mike adopted to improve the services in his company, thanks to the cooperation with Velocloud, provided by Wanrise.

Mike Howell is the Group Head of infrastructure Services for Rentokil Initial. He is in charge of defining global strategies and architectures to deliver high standard infrastructure platforms in all Rentokil Initial branches around the world. The mission of Rentokil Initial is to protect people and enhance lives in their Pest and Hygiene services business.

In 2015, Rentokil faced the challenge of increasing performance across countries and continents as their Data started to flow more freely between their traditional Data Centre and the cloud.

The solution was the adoption of SD-WAN, a brand new concept at that time, especially outside US, highly innovative compared with traditional networks.

After months of analysis, studies and evaluations Mike selected VeloCloud and Wanrise to deploy their worldwide Wide Area Network. With over 500 branches in 5 continents, Rentokil is one of the largest SD-WAN international networks and after 4 years from its kick off, the whole project is considered a great success and Mike is often invited worldwide to describe Rentokil Initial’s pioneering SD-WAN journey

Why is SD-WAN so functional?

“SD-WAN improves the performances: it guarantees availability, resilience and agility and it is extremely easy to manage. Last but not least, it is secure and makes the network traffic trusted.”

Mike chose the SD-WAN solution provided by Wanrise and Velocloud, because it is a strong technology, able to satisfy all his business challenges.

Interviews video: